Friday, January 25, 2008

New games - Do they run?

Quite often, yes! Obviously not crysis, and obviously not other extreme games at extreme detail settings or resolutions, but by toning these down and using 3d-analyze, you can really play a lot. Let's go through a list of recent games.
1. Crysis:
No. If you thought this would, I'm surprised you managed to view this blog.

2. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars:
Yes, on medium settings/low resolution you'll get ~40fps, with occasional drops that can be fixed with lower graphics.

3. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Yes, easily on medium settings and resolution. If this gets laggy, drop one of these things down to low.

4. Battlefield 2142:
With 3d-analyze it will run, but not run well. Stay away, unless you want massive lag. (EDIT: with the latest driver update, this will run quite well on an Intel 965GM, as these cards have transform and lighting, but any older ones will still lag.)

5. Orange Box:
5 games. 1 box. All of which run perfectly with the settings I outlined in my first blog post. (scroll down!) Hell, steam's more of a hassle than getting games to work on Intel graphics controllers!

As you can see, many games work on hardware you wouldn't expect. With a little tweaking and low settings, stuff will run, and it will run well. If you have a suggestion for a good integrated-compatible game, just leave a comment here, or on any of my blog posts.