Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Tuning Apps for Gaming on any Low-quality Graphics cards!

Well, there are only two applications here, and one of them is game-specific. But still, they work so damn well.

1. 3D-Analyze
Ever had the: your graphics chipset does not support hardware transform and lighting/pixel shader 2.0? Well, you're in luck. It won't guarantee much better performance, but it does emulate these two features and many more, making Battlefield 2, SWAT 4 and TES4: Oblivion playable. Speaking of Oblivion....

2. Oldblivion
The most useful Oblivion mod you'll ever use! Tones down the graphics quality to around that of Morrowind, making it highly playable on Integrated Graphics, especially when used with 3D-Analyze.

Know any other awesome apps? As usual, just leave a comment, most appreciated

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KakashiSensai121 said...

SwiftShader is great for any graphics card that cant handle games, the only requirment is a sse compatible cpu. It uses software emulation with multi core compatability. It's not slow at all, in fact its 100 times faster then the reference rasterizer. It can handle pixel and vertex shaders up to 2.1. It can even handle Call of Duty 4. On a 1.73 ghz dual core cpu counter strike source will run at a pretty steady rate on all maps at about 30 fps when in directx 7 mode. In directx 8 or 9 it can run with everything set to high at about 15 fps without crashing. Make sure you get the 2.0 demo, dont worry this demo is free forever.